Improved Customer Retention

Midax C-store solutions turn casual customers into loyal repeat customers. We make it happen with proven Loyalty and Payment solutions specifically tailored to the unique needs of the C-Store and Petroleum segment.

Midax has been able to accomplish what few C-store and Petroleum vendors have been able or willing to accomplish: We have produced a solution that appeals to both the jobber and the brand. For the brand, we provide a unique environment that allows seamless communication between the pump, POS, and the outside world regardless of the manufacturer of those devices. Our unique architecture allows popular gas pump-focused features such as pump start cards, redemption of loyalty awards at the pump (including rollback pricing), promotion of Brand-specific credit cards, mobile payment through smartphones, and more capabilities that encourage brand loyalty.

For jobbers, brand loyalty is important, but equally important is the array of incentives Midax provides that compel loyal customers to come inside the store instead of only purchasing gasoline. Midax ability to communicate with the loyal customer to provide compelling, targeted offers is but one of many capabilities we provide that help to build long-term, meaningful relationships between loyal customers and the store. Other popular capabilities include our fleet program and the ability for the jobber to form a coalition of merchants that pool their advertising budgets to allow loyalty points to be earned and redeemed in multiple businesses.

Contact us today to learn how Midax has been helping turn casual customers into loyal customers in C-Stores for more than a decade.

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