Make Your Store a Preferred Destination

Midax grocery solutions give your customers a reason to make your store their preferred destination for their shopping needs. We provide complete end-to-end solutions in a turnkey model, or individual modules that include Loyalty, Mobility, Payment, eCoupons and much more.

Grocery stores are the first market segment that Midax pursued dating back to the time when Midax was founded in 1998. We knew quite a bit about the grocery segment when our company was created, but in the 15 years that followed, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge about what is needed to run a popular and profitable store.

Our partnerships with enabling technology companies that provide foundational technology for our deployable solutions allow Midax to have advance knowledge of the latest innovations coming to market. The latest technology we have incorporated into the Midax Grocery suite includes Location Based Services that allows targeted, compelling offers to be presented to loyal customers in real time based on matching up where the customer is standing in the store with customer purchasing history.

Call Midax today to learn more about how we can help make your store a preferred destination for loyal customers!

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