OEM White Label Partners

Midax recognizes three broad partner categories: Integration Partners, Channel Partners, and Enabling Technology Partners. We feel that almost every company is a prospective partner, including some companies that may be considered competitors of Midax. There are very few companies where Midax is not able to offer a compelling value proposition with one or more of our solution components. 

Channel Partners are companies that are members of the Midax Indirect Sales Channel. Channel Partners include: Dealers and MSPs (managed services providers) that resell our solutions branded as Midax; White label OEM partners that are selling Midax solutions under a brand name other than Midax; and VAR’s that integrate Midax in to their solution, typically labeling the solution as “powered by Midax”. 

Midax respects the privacy of all of our partners, consequently we have chosen to not display partner logos on our website. Partner information is available to qualified technology vendors or multi-unit retail and restaurant operators upon request.