Comdax C-Store Integrator

Midax has over a decade of experience in providing integration services to Convenience Stores that enable reliable communications between POS, Petroleum Dispensers, and the outside world. The unique needs of the C-store segment compelled us to build a “black box” known as the C3 to allow a consistent user experience at the pump and POS, regardless of the age of those devices or their manufacturer.

The C3, when combined with a PC and firewall, has served us well over the years and has proven to be a rock solid solution. However, in 2013 we decided to take the three devices and combine them into a single unit with expanded memory, ports, and connectivity. The new device is known as Comdax and has been engineered to be the most powerful, compact, and reliable integration device available to the C-Store and petroleum segment. Highlights of the Midax Comdax include:

  • Designed to withstand abusive environments 
  • Robust connectivity between virtually any legacy or modern POS and any legacy or modern gas pump 
  • Enables closed loop payment functionality at the pump 
  • Third party neutral, OEM-friendly company philosophy 
  • A flexible array of fixed and programmable communication ports including USB, RS232, RS422, and more 
  • Linux O/S 
  • Significant storage and processing capabilities with no moving parts eliminates failures inherent with moving parts 

Comdax specifications are available to operators and technology vendors active in the C-Store and Petroleum segment upon request.