Midax Custom Development

Midax is a software development company with deep expertise and experience in multiple technology disciplines. Our seasoned and talented development team collectively has the ability to build just about anything. Over the past 15 years we have built a number of custom solutions within the retail segment and outside the retail segment.

Our development team purposefully stays abreast of the latest innovations in enabling technology and how the technology can be utilized to benefit our existing and prospective customers, particularly in the dynamic mobile technology space. Typically, our development projects involve leveraging the existing robust solutions we already have, including: Midax EFT Switch, Midax Loyalty, or Midax Big Data. However, we embrace challenge and will consider taking on any development project. We have completed projects where we use a third party’s API; projects where Midax or the third party uses our API’s; projects that are a combination of both; or projects that do not involve an API. A few examples of custom development projects we have completed in the past include:

  • Multi-Brand, Multi-POS Loyalty. Provided integration between multiple loyalty systems and disparate POS in use by multiple retailers. A central clearing house of consolidate rewards was also created, using gift cards as the reward vehicle. As award thresholds were achieved by loyal customers, the gift cards were automatically loaded with value. Back office functionality included allocation of billing and loyalty distribution per participating Merchant. 
  • Enable Third Party Loyalty in C-Store Segment. Provided a fuel rewards component to a loyalty solutions provider. Complete integration between POS and pump control plus rewards issuance and redemption. The solution enabled the loyalty provider to enter the C-store market with their product and enabled rewards generated through their application in other retail markets to be redeemed at the C-store. 
  • Grocery eCoupon Kiosk. Enabled a kiosk manufacturer to replace paper coupons with e-coupons. The solution included seamless access of eCoupons at the POS upon authentication of loyalty membership and back office reporting on coupon issuance and redemption.

Additional information about Midax Custom Development is available to qualified technology vendors or multi-unit retail and restaurant operators upon request.