Midax E-Coupons and Offers

Midax eCoupon and Offers is one of the most comprehensive and deeply integrated eCoupon and incentive offer solutions available. Our offers solution was originally built for the grocery segment and accommodates every type of logic, algorithm, and eligibility calculation imaginable.

A simple user interface offers the Merchant flexible design options for email based offers, while a mobile interface for smartphones allows easy loyal customer acceptance of offers in real time when physically in the store. Integrations include: loyalty, conventional and tablet POS, mobile devices, coupon aggregators, digital signage, coupon websites, and daily deals sites.

Highlights of Midax eCoupon and Offers include: 

  • Mobile and card-based options 
  • Simple user interface for designing incentive offers 
  • Potential new revenue source for Merchants and Resellers 
  • Integrations with popular web coupon and daily deals sites 
  • Fraud prevention tools 
  • Augmented reality capabilities when integrated with Midax Open Wallet 
  • Automated Integrations for coupon aggregators and redemption agents 
  • Additional options when integrated with Midax Loyalty 
  • Data fed into Midax Big Data solution 
  • Infinite options for types of incentives offered 

Midax eCoupon and Offers specifications and protocols are available to qualified technology vendors or multi-unit retail and restaurant operators upon request.