Midax Open Wallet

Midax Open Wallet fills a void in the marketplace for a mobile application that puts the needs of the Merchant and Loyal Customer first instead of focusing on payment. Midax created the Midax Open Wallet in 2013 as a natural extension of our 2012 initiative that added mobility to the Midax loyalty, eCoupon, and payment solution. The net result of our efforts is a solution that enables meaningful and long term relationships to be developed between the two most important people in a commercial retail transaction – the Merchant and Consumer.

Highlights of Midax Open Wallet include: 

  • Turnkey or white label OEM distribution model 
  • Fully integrated solution including robust POS integration 
  • Increases throughput at the cash register 
  • Safe and secure – PCI/DSS compliant 
  • Comprehensive loyalty functionality 
  • eCoupons and offers – presentation, storage, and redemption 
  • Ability to create a shopping list prior to visiting store 
  • Open loop payments (credit/debit) – Processor Neutral 
  • Closed loop payments including stored value cards, house charge, charity scrip 
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) as a method of payment 
  • ACH-enabled loyalty – loyalty used as a method of payment 
  • Optional LBS (location based services) – please see Midax LBS in Solutions 

Midax Open Wallet specifications and protocols are available to qualified technology vendors or multi-unit retail and restaurant operators upon request.