Midax Safetrak Payment

Midax is a pioneer in the retail segment for integrated payment capabilities, our initial work in EFT occurring more than a decade ago. We are leaders in providing closed loop payment solutions that feature lower transaction fees than conventional credit and debit card methods of payment. The latest addition to our payment suite is the Midax Open Wallet mobile solution, but we continue to support legacy magnetic card-based solutions and have the ability to handle any type of closed loop or open loop payment at the POS.

Midax specializes in business rules-based methods of payment. Our offerings include: conventional gift cards, re-loadable stored value cards, automatic gift card reload, fleet fuel cards, ACH, house charge, check authorization, and more. We are intimate with how the payment infrastructure and compliancy regulations work both inside and outside the U.S. and are 100% PCI/DSS compliant.

We also completed the lengthy process of becoming an ACH acquirer and processor in 2012, allowing Midax to offer the lowest rates for automated clearing house transactions available anywhere. We have the ability to send credit card and debit card transactions to the Merchant’s processor of choice, but we have chosen to remain processor neutral and receive no revenues from credit or debit card transactions.

Highlights of the Midax Payment Suite include: 

  • All payment types accepted – credit, debit, ach, closed loop 
  • Specializing in payment solutions that cost less than credit or debit card 
  • Payments ride a dedicated rail and switch separate from loyalty transactions 
  • Business rules-based gift cards 
  • In-house check authorization capability 
  • Full PCI/DSS compliance 
  • Tokenization and end to end encryption capabilities 
  • Turnkey or white label OEM options 
  • Certified ACH processor – lowest rates available 
  • Auto-recharge of Gift card through ACH or auto-debit on Fleet and In-house Charge 
  • Offered as a stand-alone module or as part of the Midax Open Wallet 
  • Any or all components can be seamlessly integrated to any third-party solution 
  • Open loop includes credit and debit card 
  • Closed loop includes Charity Scrip, Stored Value Cards, Fleet, House Charge 

Midax Payment specifications and protocols are available to qualified technology vendors or multi-unit retail and restaurant operators upon request.