Midax Shopping Buddy

Midax Shopping Buddy is a powerful, comprehensive solution that features extraordinary depth of integration with POS systems. Our POS-neutral solution powers our own loyalty suite and also powers multiple third party solutions in a white label OEM model. Midax loyalty has the flexibility to allow multiple reward types while allowing points to be earned and redeemed in a single store or all stores in a chain. Additionally, multiple brands can join together in a collaborative marketing campaign where points can be earned and rewards redeemed in multiple businesses.

We continue to support deployment of legacy card-based loyalty solutions as well as mobile-enabled loyalty solutions, including the Midax Open Wallet. Whether deployed as a card-based solution, mobile solution, or both, Midax Shopping Buddy enables real time communication between loyal customer, Merchant, and the POS transaction stream. The robust messaging capabilities inherent in Midax Shopping Buddy are desirable for any Merchant that wishes to build long-term, meaningful relationships with their loyal customers.

Midax Shopping Buddy is able to leverage our deep knowledge of the payments space and almost 20 years of experience in loyalty to offer capabilities not normally associated with loyalty programs. One popular flavor of Midax Shopping Buddy is to allow a loyal customer to connect their bank account via ACH and loyalty points to a Midax Safetrak in-house payment option like gift card, scrip card or in-house charge, optionally linked to the customer’s bank account to purchase goods and services with minimal transaction fees incurred at the POS.

Highlights of Midax Shopping Buddy include: 

  • Extraordinarily flexible – over a decade of experience in loyalty 
  • Customized by vertical segment: C-Store, grocery, and more 
  • Available as a turnkey or white label OEM solution 
  • Multiple card and mobile options 
  • Stand-alone or an integrated component of Midax Open Wallet 
  • Messaging for loyal customers inside or outside the store 
  • Dozens of unique incentive program choices 
  • Real-time presentation and redemption of awards 
  • Combine loyalty with ACH to produce Store Currency – an alternative, low cost method of payment 
  • Gas pump integration for gasoline discounts in C-store segment 
  • Earn and redeem points at one store, one brand or multiple brands 
  • Ability to leverage Midax Big Data analytics engine 

Midax Shopping Buddy specifications and protocols are available to qualified technology vendors or multi-unit retail and restaurant operators upon request.