Who Are We

Probably the strongest development team in this industry, focused on the entire front-end experience, point of sale, e-commerce, payment and loyalty. We’ve been around for over 20 years and have been labelled the only software provider in the USA certified to insert a square peg into a round hole.


  • Half of our company are developers and they have been with us on average for over 15 years:
    • Our developer to salesman ratio is 7:1.
      • Often in this industry, it is the other way around!
  • We develop everything in-house, so we can change anything and fix anything.
    • We build one system per application area and open up levels of sophistication and integration as customers expand their needs:
      • The system appears to grow with you, because it was designed at the outset to handle everything from simple to highly complex within one single platform: just keep turning the faucet!
    • We re-invent ourselves to embrace the latest and greatest technologies to enhance the performance, auditability, scalability and resilience of our systems.
    • Our programs are built on our core libraries with embedded unit testing, so development is structured. We make our own tools. Everyone uses those tools. Therefore, we can develop quicker and with more resilience than you typically experience elsewhere. No bottlenecks, no duct tape, no recycling old fragile code.
    • We think our platform for years ahead so we can move nimbly and swiftly to embrace new opportunities: hence Midax Infinite Possibilities.
    • Our labs are extensive, our testing procedures are rock solid and our documentation is complete.
  • The result is a lower cost product with more resilience, more function and high integration with other services.
  • We support customers who want to be driven and we train customers, who want to drive themselves.
  • We migrate customers’ data into our systems and establish the hooks into the other systems they use. Then we automate the movement of data between the systems they keep and whisper a little prayer over the ones they don’t.


  • We provide all our own maintenance. Despite the thousands of sites using Midax, over the 168 hour week, on average, 1-800-MIDAX-911 receives between only 40 to 50 calls.
  • We build into all our systems exhaustive trace logs, so we have full auditability of data moving within our systems and between our systems and the outside world.
    • Whenever we get an intervention request, those logs are our first port of call.
    • We pull them, analyze them and share them with our developers if required and with the third parties, with whom our software communicates.
    • That eliminates the standard industry support response of denial and finger-pointing.

Compare this to other vendors in this industry:

Type a) The one-trick pony, (Have PowerPoint, will travel), which has no integration into the retailer’s topography. Quick to market, hiring the usual salesmen and hope to make the cut before the first round of funding is exhausted.


Type b) the outfit, that assembles its product range of one trick ponies. Easy to identify, because their PowerPoint has the list of products, plus a cloud and the slides are littered with the latest marketing buzz words. If you are still in doubt, hide and watch while the support is farmed out to India.

The reason why we don’t sell "easy and simple" is not only because that is a lie. We explain in more detail the how, a) so you optimize the potential and b) you can push us to do more for you.

  • We bring the technology and our experience to the table.
  • You bring the new ideas.
  • You push the boundaries and we embrace that.

That is how our products are the highest quality in the market and how they will continue to be. And that is precisely what engages developers: they are smart guys and need new challenges & new technologies to explore and a resilient platform to work off to minimize their maintenance work. After all, it isn’t just a job. It is supposed to be fun!