Our Team

Jim Nevill

Founder and CEO

Jim Nevill is the Midax fiduciary and captain of our ship. He immigrated to America from the U.K. in the mid-1990’s after a successful track record in IBM and subsequently running software and services companies across Europe, focusing on communications and systems integration. Jim started Midax in 1998 with the vision to address a void within the multi-unit operator retail segment – there was a lack of a centralized, integrated control of store-level systems. He was able to persuade a few smart guys to join him in a successful attempt to create a solution to solve the perceived problem, which allowed Midax to begin deploying solutions for Merchants that wanted the control and integration Midax was able to provide.

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Milo Miloslavov

VP Development

Milo Miloslavov has over a quarter century experience in software and firmware development. Not only is he the most senior member of the Midax development team, he is also employee number 2 for Midax, having joined the company in 1997. Milo is considered the Fire Chief at Midax, responsible for the rapid extinguishing of any fires that flare up. As such, he is usually not visible to the Midax customer base, but his presence is felt by every customer. Fortunately, Milo gets to spend most of his time deciding how to integrate the latest enabling technology into the Midax solution suite instead of feeling the heat. When he is not busy adding value to Midax solutions, Milo likes to hike the Appalachians (literally, not in Argentina like a well known politician!).

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Toros Hovanessian

VP Research & Development

After graduating with a Masters in Computer Science, Toros worked as an applications developer, before joining Midax Inc in 1998, initially heading up database applications development. Since 2007, Toros has been VP of Research and Development. So whenever one of the Jims gets a half-baked idea, it is his job to figure out the rest and build the prototype. Then he hands it to Milo's team for rollout into production.
In his spare time, Toros continues to build prototypes, because at least one of the Jims keeps him fully loaded. That means after he has spent some time with his kids, Toros has very little time left for his favorite hobby, growing his own hair, as you can see.

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