Comprehensive Solutions for all Customer Touchpoints

What sets Midax apart from its competitors is this; Midax handles:

  • In-House Payment
    • Including a very powerful closed loop fleet card solution with ACH auto-debit to minimize administration and optimize cash flow
  • Pre-paid gift and fleet cards with ACH auto-recharge
  • ACH payment card
  • Open Loop Payment
  • AND ANY OF THE ABOVE can also function as a Loyalty Card

Midax talks to the Commander, the Passport and the Radiant. And, of course, in conjunction with its own pump controller, Electra [hyperlink] to its own POS, the Sigma [hyperlink]. 

Our unique architecture allows popular gas pump-focused features such as pump start cards, redemption of loyalty awards at the pump (including rollback pricing), mobile order ahead, mobile payment through smartphones, and more capabilities that encourage customer acquisition and retention: food service kiosk ordering, self-checkout, line busting and outside sales.
Whether on the retail or the truck stop [hyperlink] side of the business, Midax c-store applications focus on optimizing discounts at the pump to draw in and maintain customers, then encourage them through compelling, targeted offers to go into the store and finally to provide easy to use checkout options like self checkout, mobile pay and line busting, that puts “convenience” back into the c-store.  

Contact us today to learn how Midax has been helping turn casual customers into loyal customers in C-Stores for more than a decade.

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