Diversification is the challenge all grocers face in their own expansion into online shopping and how to compete as a bricks and mortar retailer with increasing competition with virtual big box competitors.

Midax has integrated with all the major POS in the grocery sector through its 20 years in the industry, establishing a hallmark for payment and loyalty processes and teasing more functionality out of POS and associated systems than were ever envisaged in their design.

At the NGA in February 2018, we presented a solution building on those established applications to create a solution for all the customer touchpoints, to address the customer demands of easier, quicker, accurate and current!

  • Click and collect on the PC at home, where earned cumulative rewards in the bricks and mortar and virtual stores are pooled into one and highlighted to the customer as he/she orders
  • Giving the customer the confidence that when he/she orders with you, it will be a rare exception that you cannot service the item
  • Profiling and discreet customer purchase history online and in the store to remind and recommend
  • Online upselling opportunities so that the customer spends a little more to get a lot more
  • E-couponing from a constant comprehensive source on the PC, the tablet or the phone
  • Mobile ordering, top-up orders on a phone or tablet, with all of the above
  • Location services inside the store for easy navigation and shopping list sequencing
  • Transparent pricing between store and online
  • Rewards that and be earned and burned at any customer point of contact
  • Rewards points that can be redeemed for discount off gas, a free entree in the store restaurant, an in-store gift card credit, to pay for click and collect or delivery charges or donated to the customer’s charity
  • Ordering at the deli kiosk, where earned cumulative rewards are highlighted to the customer as he/she orders
  • Scanning to cart, where the reward or coupon applies automatically on the phone, a reminder shopping list can be retrieved and recommendations presented if requested
  • Ordering food and drinks on a table-top tablet or on the customer’s own phone
  • Eating at the in-store restaurant and adding it to your grocery bill, including the tip!
  • Now think self-checkout. You don’t need to spend $100k on 4 legacy self-checkouts. Half that money gets you with Sigma two full service self-checkouts with scanner/scale and cash presenter and six slimmer configurations with just a scanner/scale or no scanner/scale at all. Twice the number of self-checkout options for half the price!
  • At temporary points of sale like line-busting and tent sales
  • At mobile payment points on the lot, at the C&C pickup point
  • At the courtesy counter kiosk or on the customer phone for financial services, bill-pay, payroll check cashing and so on, where you can also accept and credit in-house gift cards and earn rewards for using financial services
  • At the c-store. Midax has its own pump controller and Sigma deploys it to control the pump transaction as well as all the other activities in the c-store, from food service to rewards issuance and redemption. So customers can have discounted gas or food in your c-store and/or earn rewards there to encourage the return trip
  • Customers can also use the grocery in-store gift card at the pump

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