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The Retail Store of Tomorrow

Midax is pleased to present the Retail Store of Tomorrow – Here Today! We have combined 50 years of experience building solutions for independents and multi-unit retail operators with the latest enabling technology from our semi-conductor partners to bring a solution to market that is years ahead of the competition.

The centerpiece of the Retail Store of Tomorrow is our mobility solution, Midax Open Wallet. Unlike conventional mobile wallets that are focused on payment, the Midax Open Wallet is focused on the two most important parties in a commercial transaction: The Merchant and the Loyal Customer.

Midax Open Wallet is a powerful solution that includes: comprehensive POS Integration, robust Loyalty, Processor-neutral Credit and Debit cards, ACH, multiple Closed Loop methods of payment, eCoupons, Augmented Reality-enabled offers, and messaging. To Midax Open Wallet we add sophisticated Location Based Services and Big Data for opt-in customer purchase history to allow compelling, targeted offers to be presented dynamically to the loyal customer.

The Retail Store of Tomorrow is all about building lasting, meaningful relationships between Merchants and Loyal Customers. Contact Midax today to learn more!

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