Midax presents its Click and Collect Module at NGA 2017

Midax’s click and collect application is accessible through the Midax mobile app, with full integration into the Midax Shopping Buddy and Midax Safetrak Payment applications. This brings loyalty rewards, offers and targeted marketing together all in one piece for both the bricks and mortar and the online store: one solution handles the entire process, thereby eliminating the administrative overhead of the alternative of multiple different vendor programs.  
Mobile and Click and Collect would access the Midax Shopping Buddy database real-time, so rewards, fuel points messages and offers would be available in one single mobile phone app as on a webpage integrated into the retailer’s website. And it works in conjunction with every major POS in the grocery marketplace.
Backing up the app is the Midax library of product detail, images and so on, so standard products data can be merged easily with your own in-house products, so the maintenance of your mobile ordering application is a breeze! Whether you do it yourself or take up Midax’s managed services do do that for you

The Order Collection Process
The online order will be communicated to a tablet in-store for picking and production. When the customer arrives, he can come in and pay by credit card or drive by the click and collect window.

However, if you use Midax Safetrak in-house payments as part of the solution, that order can be paid in advance, via gift card, ach or in-house charge, thus further enhancing the shopping experience for both retailer and consumer.

When the order is ready, a message will go to the consumer’s phone app and if already paid for, noted accordingly. If the order is post-paid, then an electronic receipt will go to the consumer’s phone after the payment is made. Together, of course, with the current status of his rewards program.

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