One Single Point of Command and Control for all Couponing

As an integral part of the Midax Shopping Buddy Solution for gas discounting, in-house continuity rewards, Mobile and Click and Collect, Midax also offers a single point of command and control for e-couponing and in-house coupons in a single application which drives the bricks and mortar store and its virtual representation on the web.

Further, the retailer has the ability to tap directly into additional marketing funds beyond conventional trade dollars, syphoned from national dollars, explicitly for targeted marketing. 

Shopping Buddy Shopper Profiles enables Targeted E-couponing and Offers 

Midax Loyalty enables you to target-market both to consumer profile and make different offers for the same product to different profiles. These offers can be controlled in-house, through Midax managed services or by vendors direct, using the Midax rails to deliver their message.

Midax also includes aggregator, vendor and in-house coupons in its offering and provides redemption and clearance for those external funds. So with Midax, you have the ability to embrace offers; have Midax manage them for you both in their distribution to targeted customer and in the settlement, so the retailer gets all his money on time, automatically! Midax: one safe pair of hands.

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