Midax announces the latest service in their suite of payment and loyalty solutions for fuel

Private Fleet Networks (PFN) was created out of need from the fleet marketing community to drastically decrease their various processing fees and be able to better cross promote with their convenience stores.  Now marketers can eliminate their domestic, foreign and remote fleet fees and even form their own regional networks.

When most of their business is coming from a radius of less than 300 miles, it became apparent that a Regional type of program was needed.  This revolutionary new program allows fleet marketers to better control their business and expenses while expanding their fleet program. PFN has also developed a great prepaid and ACH fleet program for those customers that are credit challenged or who operate a seasonal business. Whether you have un-attended cardlocks or full-service locations, the PFN Fleet program will work with all Point of Sales and Island Card Readers.

There is also the option to create a points-based rewards program for fleet drivers and redeem those points for discounted fuel or merchandise in stores. Thanks to PFN the days of ever increasing fleet fees are over.

Our Private Fleet Network (PFN) offers the industry’s best fleet fueling functionality with regional transaction networking.  

“Because PFN seamlessly integrates with all leading retail POS systems and cardlock site controllers, regional networks can be easily implemented with a low cost of entry.  Similarly, PFN offers Instant Regional Networks that leverage existing proprietary card formats that eliminate the time and expense of reissuing cards.” 

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