Midax Feature - Convenience Retailer Show Daily - Wednesday

Midax Offers Customers an All-Inclusive Platform for Retail

Midax Inc. defines itself broadly as a system integrator, specializing in a wide range of products for retail, including loyalty, loyalty analytics, payments, mobile applications, and this year, introducing Midax Sigma POS. The Midax customer base includes an impressive group of customers coast to coast, in Europe, and the Caribbean. All running products tailored to their markets and customized to their business requirements. All products are designed to strategically placed the independent retailer in a competitive space, allowing them to effectively compete and a crowded in demanding marketplace. 

Midax products are marketed directly and through discreet group of re-seller partners nationally and internationally to all retail segments, including government.  Products are sold under the Midax banner and white boxed as an engine product as the customer demands.

There is a culture of flexibility built into all Midax products that allows the retailer a degree of freedom from POS providers. Midax offers both integrated and semi-integrated programs for both payments and loyalty (Midax SafeTrak, EFT),  Shopping Buddy Loyalty that includes features like e-couponing which includes redemption and settlement, and a robust mobile application with Click & Collect functionality. Midax applications offer ease of entry to both licenses and managed care models. All software is designed, coded, installed, and supported internally. Midax supports what it sells with 24X7 True Support within the US. 

This year, we introduces Midax Sigma, a flexible POS structure designed to allow the retailer the ability to configure the checkout environment to suit their retail needs. Fully processed driven, the retailer will now have the ability to setup multiple operating units within the store, with separate setup via an easy to use GUI interface. All backed and fully integrated into the comprehensive suite of Midax BackOffice applications for retail, payments, loyalty, and DSD. With analytics and accounting at your fingertips.

The Midax customer centered product line has been developed over the past 17 years. In that time a significant client base has been developed in the fuel, c-store, and gaming industries. All applications are Oracle based and fully PCI / PA-DSS compliant for security. Analytic and application options have been developed with customer's input to solve a growing list of industry requirements and for maximum flexibility to track data and know the customer.

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