Midax, Inc. Releases Midax Open Wallet

First Integrated Mobility Solution built for Merchants and Consumers

February 9, 2013 Virginia Beach, VA – Midax, Inc. today announced release of the Midax Open Wallet, the first mobile application created to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between Merchants and Loyal Customers. Midax Open Wallet is the most powerful, integrated, comprehensive mobile solution available today and includes: Loyalty, ACH, eCoupons and Offers, Open and Closed-loop Payment, Location Based Services, Augmented Reality, and a high level of integration with POS.

Unlike standard mobile wallets, Midax Open Wallet is payment processor neutral and POS solution neutral, meaning that Merchants have freedom of action to engage the credit/debit card processor and the POS vendor of their choice. Midax does not participate in credit and debit card revenues, so the company is willing to work with any ISO, Acquirer, Processor, or Bank that a Merchant wishes to engage.

Jim Nevill, CEO, stated: “Midax has been building integrated EFT and loyalty solutions for over a decade. Midax Open Wallet is the latest evolution of our solution suite that we believe offers what the retail and hospitality markets have been looking for. Midax Open Wallet is a core component of what we view as the Retail Store of Tomorrow. Other companies talk about what their vision of tomorrow looks like, but Midax has a deployable solution, not just a good idea. We are pleased to be able to bring the most comprehensive and powerful mobile solution available to the retail and hospitality markets.”

About Midax, Inc.
Midax, Inc. is a 15 year old Virginia-based software development company focused on the retail technology and financial services segments. From our origins of providing robust loyalty and coupon solutions for the grocery segment, Midax today provides a world class suite of integrated solutions to all retail and hospitality segments that includes mobility, payment, loyalty, ACH, POS integration and more.

For more information contact Todd Cripe, VP Alliances at 678-560-1377 or visit www.midax.com

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