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Niemann Foods, Inc. (NFI) operates 115 retail stores across eight different formats/brands, in Illinois, Missouri, Iowa and Indiana.  Larry Schaffer: “Our formats include 50 traditional grocery stores as well as 25 convenience stores, branded and unbranded.

Several years ago we were tasked with coming up with a loyalty solution to integrate our grocery and convenience store POS systems that would also include an in-house fleet card solution for fuel. After much deliberation, we selected Midax.

With the tool set Midax has delivered to us, we have grown our commercial fuel a ‘pen and paper’ solution to a network of locations with feature customization possible for every customer and have saved time and money in doing so. 

Commercial fuel customers love the ability to swipe their custom fleet cards at the pump, saving unnecessary time filling out paperwork for their drivers and our associates. The Midax solution gives us customer-selected PIN numbers, odometer readings, and more. We have set up automatic billing per customer. No more paper invoices and receipts to mail out billing. Midax notifies the customer when their bill is due, and can ACH payment directly from their bank account.

Operations can now track, with detail, the trends of customer business down to the individual card. Eliminating credit card fees enables us to market more aggressively and pass along better discounts to compete. Credit card fees continue to rise, and Midax gives us the ability to combat this with every card swipe. 

Midax loyalty has also given us tools to increase business for our non-commercial customers, tying grocery and convenience store POS: it works well. 

We can move customers through targeting and customized messages from one division to another, incentivizing with a variety of discounts and redemptions.

The Midax solution has been a homerun for our c-stores from the beginning. Their solutions out-of-the-box has been successful, but their ability to constantly improve the product is what has taken them over the top. In our world, our business needs change often and quickly. Midax is agile and willing to work to customize its product, making them the perfect vendor for integrating disparate systems.

This experience is equally reflected also at Landis Supermarket, a family owned business in south eastern Pennsylvania since 1938, providing the freshest products, the friendliest customer service and committed to community engagement. Josh Landis, MIS Director: “We have been using Midax loyalty to deliver item-based fuel rewards, continuity programs, personalized coupon rewards and threshold rewards. Customers experience an immediate and seamless redemption process whether they redeem at our integrated fuel site or at our partner locations.

We are excited with the direction that Midax is taking with the Sigma POS solution, as we plan how best we can enhance our customer experience with possible mobile, order ahead and deli kiosk offerings. One of the most exciting possibilities is the chance to add affordable self-checkout solutions with full POS and loyalty offerings.

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