Midax Announces Major Expansions of Tribal One Program for NIGA 2019

       Midax is broadening the scope of pay by player points beyond the c-store and grocery store to any POS on the property, in gift shops, bars, restaurants, resort facilities. Midax will also enable the player to pay for his room bill with points.

Midax Tribal One Loyalty also extends the breadth of the rewards generation as well as redemption. Midax can now feed points we award in properties using its loyalty back into the player database, so these points earned under Midax can be redeemed anywhere on the property. 

At the pump, for NIGA 2019, we are making Tribal One available to be used in truck stops as well as convenience stores. Midax has extended our in-house fleet card payment suite with an option for a regional fleet card program, where all casinos can accept cards from other tribes using Midax, country-wide. Midax has added additional payment methods to this transaction fee-free channel: pre-paid fleet and gift card with optional ACH recharge and autopay.
This enables tribes to accept external fleet cards programs supported by fellow tribes, so that you can combine with other tribes to share each other’s fleet card customers and avoid network processing rates at truck stops. 

Midax settles between the tribes at the end of each period by ACH debit. Midax also awards points to truck drivers using this payment method and can push those points into the player’s database, so they can be redeemed anywhere on the property. 
To complete the payment suite, Midax now also offers the full range of national network fleet cards, so that your fuel outlets can compete very well with the truck stop chains. 

Additionally Midax now offers in its Sigma POS product range a full range of customer-facing sales functions from click and collect & delivery so a customer can order for pickup or delivery to his room, on his tablet or order on mobile phone with food service ordering on the Sigma kiosk; enquire on play point status and convert player points to pay by points credit. Sigma also includes food service ordering and self- checkout kiosks as well as restaurant and bar service on tabletop tablets. There is also an option for self-checkout, which also works in the convenience store and truck stop, where a customer can pay for fuel, snacks and other items in one single transaction in the c-store or truck stop without having to stand in line. 

Midax wishes to thank the tribes who have committed to our Tribal One program in that last year and for their ideas and suggestions, which Midax has embraced in our product development, evidenced here in the 2019 announcements.  

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