Why Quinault Business Enterprises Chose Midax

Quinault Business Enterprises operated by the Quinault Indian Nation, operates 6 - Q Mart convenience Stores located out of Aberdeen, Washington.   We first installed Midax`s Tribal-One program back in 2016 with the intent of streamlining our operations, and gain a competitive advantage on the competition.

Quinault chose Midax for several reasons. Midax has real-time integration into Casino systems that provide casino guests the ability to redeem their player`s points as well as received a cent-per-gallon discount based on their current players tier, seamlessly at our pumps.

Midax also has a comprehensive solution for fleet accounts, with all the vehicles the tribe operates; billing the departments was a labor consuming process.  Midax automated that process by capturing each transaction and invoicing the respective departments for their purchases, we have also extended this functionality into the community to local fleet accounts, picking up volume we would not have seen otherwise.

The Quinault Nation also wanted to provide their Tribal members with a no purchase necessary fixed cents-per-gallon discount (to eliminate tax); Midax integrated this process seamlessly, directly at our pumps as well as providing the detailed reporting for reimbursement by the tribe.

Charlie Hensley – Director of Operations: “We felt we need a way to reward our existing customers for their continuing patronage, as well as encourage new customers for our expanding operation. The Midax loyalty/rewards application provides us with not only the basic frequent shoppers clubs, item based rewards, promotional points, and aspirational thresholds, but personalized promotions specifically tailored to a customer’s buying habits.

The Q Marts are heavily invested into foodservice, this has become a major focus in the future growth of our organization, we are excited with the direction Midax is taking with Sigma line customer facing applications, like, self-ordering kiosks, and mobile ordering, and self-checkouts.   We are evaluating how to best take advantage of this new technology by eliminating the friction points and increasing the customer experience for our customers.

We will never cut corners. We make our fresh salads and sandwiches right here, in our store. We’re known throughout the region for our unmatched selection of tobacco products, snacks, beer, wine and liquor, all at an incredible value”.

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