Jim Nevill

Founder and CEO

Jim Nevill is the Midax fiduciary and captain of our ship. He immigrated to America from the U.K. in the mid-1990’s after a successful track record in IBM and subsequently running software and services companies across Europe, focusing on communications and systems integration. Jim started Midax in 1998 with the vision to address a void within the multi-unit operator retail segment – there was a lack of a centralized, integrated control of store-level systems. He was able to persuade a few smart guys to join him in a successful attempt to create a solution to solve the perceived problem, which allowed Midax to begin deploying solutions for Merchants that wanted the control and integration Midax was able to provide.

Jim is an emotional guy, who will tell you that he has always been blessed by finding people to work with who are far smarter than he is, but who have for the last few decades have allowed him to think that he is in charge. If you ask any Midax associate, what Jim does in his spare time, they would suggest he spends it thinking up ever more devious ways of torturing our developers with what he calls "challenges".


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