Retail, and More!

Midax has a primary focus on all retail segments and a secondary focus on many non-retail segments. Our comprehensive solution suite is centered on providing integrated solutions that build long-term mutually beneficial relationships between loyal customers and multi-unit operators in the Grocery, C-Store and Petroleum, and General Retail segments. In addition to the retail segment, we are active in Financial Services.

The Midax value proposition changes according to the retail market segment where our solutions are deployed. However, one portion of our value proposition remains constant across all retail: We improve profitability and increase customer retention.

Midax is a software development company and our software development team has significant depth in expertise ranging from Android and iOS mobile solutions to building payment solutions to managing data centers. As such we live to be challenged and no project is too difficult to consider, regardless of whether the project involves a market we are already active within, or is a new adventure for the team.

Our customers give us high marks for personal attention and our ability to make the seemingly impossible possible. Call us if you have been told by another company that what you want is not available – we just might be able to provide what you have been looking for!