Midax Data Analytics

Midax has been capturing transaction level detail at retail stores long before the term “Big Data” became fashionable. Our Big Data solution still captures transaction-level detail from the POS, but is more commonly used as a single repository of data received from multiple sources and multiple types of solutions. The analytics engine behind Midax Big Data is a powerful tool that excels at adding value to the huge amounts of granular data Midax captures as a result of a Merchant deploying one or more Midax solutions including: Payment, Loyalty, coupons and offers, LBS, or Midax Open Wallet.

We have expanded accessibility to this data in recent years through web services, allowing a retailer’s third party advisors to access that data real-time.

For loyal customers that have opted-in to the program, a rich data set is created which can be used to help build meaningful, long-term relationships between the Merchant and loyal customer. Targeting the customer by profiling him based on his purchase history and presenting different offers to different customer profiles according to those patterns and also how a given customer also discreetly deviates from those patterns.

Highlights include:

  • Ability to standardize and aggregate data from multiple sources
  • Ability to capture transaction-level detail at the POS
  • Allows Merchant to send relevant, compelling offers to loyal customers
  • Complements Midax Open Wallet
  • Oracle database enables unlimited scaling and sophisticated calculations
  • Opt-in program for consumers
  • Enables enterprise reporting for financials, scandowns, and cashier analysis
  • Seamless integration with third party solutions
  • Survey functionality for CPG, Secret Shopper, or Loyalty usage cases

Midax Big Data specifications and protocols are available to qualified technology vendors or multi-unit retail and restaurant operators upon request.