Midax Location Based Services

Midax location based services (LBS) is an integrated part of the Midax Open Wallet, but individual components of the LBS suite are also available as stand-alone offerings. Midax LBS allows meaningful communication to occur between Merchants and loyal customers, helping to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Midax LBS encompasses multiple usage cases, but was initially created to allow compelling incentive offers to be sent to loyal customers while in the store, in real time. The incentive offers usage case enables loyal customers that have opted-in to the program to receive dynamic offers through their smartphones that change based on matching customer location with product locations.

Highlights of Midax LBS include:

  • Integrated within the Midax Open Wallet 
  • Low upfront and low ongoing cost 
  • Opt-in customer requirement to respect privacy 
  • Facilitates loyal customer check-in 
  • Standard LBS offering leverages existing WiFi infrastructure 
  • Recommended LBS offering allows auto-detect capabilities 
  • Works with most smartphones 
  • Optional geo-location to connect with loyal customer outside the store 
  • Option to add historical purchasing data to targeted offer calculations 
  • Option to enable Merchant control of customer Internet access 
  • Future proof – works with today’s phones and tomorrow’s phones 

Midax LBS specifications and protocols are available to qualified technology vendors or multi-unit retail and restaurant operators upon request.