Midax Safetrak Payment

Safetrak is Midax’s comprehensive solution for in-house payments, which we can provide in two flavors:

1. As part of a gateway to a provider, where in-house transactions are channeled by the gateway to the Safetrak suite. One single payments channel, integrated or semi-integrated comes from the lane. Midax responds to the lane in the same format as the provider. For the POS, it looks like one payment master.

2. On a secondary payment channel, where Midax only sees the in-house transactions.

Midax is a pioneer in the retail segment for integrated payment capabilities, our initial work in EFT having started 20 years ago. We are leaders in providing closed loop payment solutions that feature lower transaction fees than conventional credit and debit card methods of payment. We support closed loop mobile payments though our Midax Open Wallet mobile solution, as well as legacy magnetic card-based solutions and emv.

The major advantages of Midax Safetrak are:

  • We can tailor the payment application business logic to that which the individual retailers wants
  • Loyalty rewards can automatically apply as dollar credits on an in-house payment card
  • The In-house payment card can also be the loyalty card
  • The savings over debit and credit are significant and if you deploy ACH as part of the offering, you can dramatically reduce your admin costs.

Our offerings include:

  • Conventional gift cards
  • Re-loadable stored value cards automatic gift card reload
  • Scrip cards that spiff the customer’s preferred charity
  • Fleet fuel cards
  • ACH cards
  • In-house charge
  • Check authorization, personal and payroll; check cashing

Highlights of the complete Midax Payment Suite include:

  • All payment types accepted – credit, debit, ach, closed loop
  • Specializing in payment solutions that cost less than credit or debit card
  • Full PCI/DSS compliance. PCI Implementation Guide
  • Tokenization and end to end encryption capabilities
  • Turnkey or white label OEM options
  • Certified ACH processor – lowest rates available
  • Any or all components can be seamlessly integrated to any third-party solution

Midax Payment specifications and protocols are available to qualified technology vendors or grocers and c-store operators upon request.