Midax Sigma POS

Tired of having one POS for pump control, another for fast food, a third solution for mobile, order ahead, kiosk, and having to knit all this together?

The solution is Sigma, one single POS platform, which provides a single point of command and control of all retail operations in your locations.

A Single Point of Command and Control

  • Tablet-based POS
  • Tablet- based kiosk for fast food processing
  • Tablet- based (hand held) line-busting terminal
  • Suggesting Marketing for Cross-selling & Up-selling
  • Safe and secure – PCI/DSS compliant
  • In-house rewards; one-off rewards, continuity rewards; cross-marketing rewards.
  • Integrated in-house developed fuel control. Most of our competition team up with a third party. That introduces points of failure, maintenance issues and technology limitations.
  • All Gilbarco and Wayne dispensers supported.
  • Integrated EFT: credit, debit, fleet, gift card, ACH.
  • Mobile order ahead

Whose program is it?

  • We are technology-independent: card or mobile app, BTLE, phone number, NFC…
  • We can customize; we have no maintenance restraints and repeatedly demonstrate we can meet any challenge.
  • We offer fixed price projects, deliver on time and on budget.
  • We have demonstrably the highest commitment to product development and customization in the industry.
  • The Midax team is nimble. It differs from its competitors in its can-do attitude, in its willingness to solve problems - whoever caused them – and in its technical creativity. A breath of fresh air!
  • We are a 30-man team. Half of us are developers and a further third, support. We perform all installation and support services in-house.
  • We stand by our customers: we have never turned down a customer request for anything technically achievable.
  • We stand up for ourselves and for our customers.
  • We have been PCI compliant for over a decade.

POS Features

  • Midax exclusive integrated forecourt controller.
  • Single code base Business Logic Engine for all channel POS, website, kiosk, mobile.
  • Central database for all transactional data.
  • Central library for all product images.
  • Integrated payment, loyalty and pump control.
  • Chip, proximity payment, facial recognition available.

We have the broadest range of integrated payment options

This Means:
  • We support one single card or app for both in-house payments and loyalty.
  • Auto-recharge of in-house stored value or auto-payment for in-house charge accounts by ACH, with optional customer reward incentives for these lower cost EFT options.
  • All rewards and payment options also available by household.

Fully integrated Order Ahead

Our Order Ahead is fully integrated into our bricks and mortar POS solution. That means:
  • Better customer experience through one rewards engine.
  • Up-selling to give the customer a better deal, earned in the store, on the mobile platform and in a mixture of both.
  • Managed services or retailer-managed.
  • Payment at the point of order.
  • Our single source CPG product library for C&C and Mobile means less maintenance for the retailer.
  • One reporting data-set for virtual and physical stores.

The most comprehensive loyalty rewards system

  • Continuity programs; instant deals; up-selling
  • Emailing, texting and mobile messaging.
  • The retailer can decide the reward or issue rewards points, and allow his customer to choose his own reward.
  • Data analytics for loyalty, financials, cashier analysis and scan-downs.
  • Web service interface for 3rd party offers and deals.
  • Support for discounting with grocery: we have the most grocery POS interfaces in the industry.
  • Vendor-funded targeted couponing with full settlement service: Coupons.com, Catalina and YouTech offers, filtering out items you don’t carry and eliminating competitor ads. Different offer values for different customer profiles
  • In-house coupons
  • Pin-based rewards redemption supported

For more information please call Scott Abraham: (715) 891-2113