A unique combination of discount cards, payment cards and loyalty tailored for the Native Indian Casino in one integrated solution.

Discount Cards

Casino – Rewards Card:   is issued by the Casino and accepted at all the Gas/Convenience locations providing the player two methods of rewards:

1. Tiered discounts using the player card.
2. Additional cents off a gallon using player points
3. Pay with points at the c-store at the pump and inside, at the grocery store and any other retail location on the property.

Tribal ID card:  Fixed cents-per-gallon discount with abuse controls.

Tribal One Loyalty Card:  Tribal members can earn rewards in the retail locations and redeem them in the stores or through player points, which Midax posts automatically in the player rewards database.

Employee Discount Card

Payment Cards:

Pay with Points in the C-Store: As at the pump, so too in the store. And each and every transaction is logged so settlement can be automated between the player database and the retail outlet.

Site-wide Pay with Points (at any other POS in bars, restaurants, grocery stores, leisure facilities): Tribal One extends that same facility to other casino outlets as well. We have an easy protocol for the POS vendor to implement, very similar to a gift card, but with a PIN.

Employee Charge Card: This is a charge card, where the employee’s transactions can be posted to the payroll system. 

Local Fleet Card:  it`s purpose is to allow both tribal departments as well as non-tribal fleet accounts the ability to fuel up at any fuel proprietary store and then provide the fleet account an automated invoice detailing each transaction.  Volume discounting can be applied off statement if desired and/or negotiated in advance to secure the businesses fueling. 

Regional Fleet Card: Tribal One allows tribes with Midax installed with this extension to Local Fleet card to accept each other’s fleet cards, using the functionality Midax offers in the PFN module. That extends not just to tribal members but all users and fleets.

Pre-paid Fleet Cards: For out of country fleets or discreet family cards on one account. Auto-recharge like EZ-Pass available

ACH Direct Debit Card

Integrated into:

Midax Shopping Buddy Loyalty


Midax Sigma customer facing POS.